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F1301 Shower Column

Product Code: F1301
Connection with Faucet: Hard Connection
Flow Rate(0.3Mpa,L/min): ≥12
With Faucet or not: Yes
Finish: Chrome Plating
Height Adjustable: Yes
Material of Faucet: Brass
Type of Divertor: Knob
With Spout: Yes
Material of S-Connector: Stainless Steel
Materal of Tube: Brass/Stainless Steel
Thread Size: G1/2
Shape of Tube Crosssection: Round
Material of Wall Holder: Zinc
Diameter of Upper Tube (mm): Φ19
With Shelf: No
Diameter of Lower Tube (mm): Φ22
Material of Shelf: N/A
Showerhead Recommended: G0121
Handshower Recommended: S0515
Compatible Sliding Bracket: Q31, Q32, Q37 Series
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